Season 1,

Episode 15: Your High Performance Coach

July 20, 2018

Dr. Emily Letran is an international speaker, author of several books, and radio show host. She is a Trainer in High Performance, dedicated in helping business professionals and entrepreneurs maximize their potential in personal and business life, streamline business and increase profits, winning back time from work so they can enjoy that time with their family, children and pursue their passion. The business strategies she shares is the result of being the CEO of several multi-specialty dental group practices for more than 20 years in Southern California.

As a mother of three, Dr. Letran skillfully manages work, family life, after-school life and her personal life as a growing entrepreneur.  She continuously invests in her education and training to better serve her clients.  She represents several international organizations, serving as CEO Space Club President and Glazer-Kennedy Inner Circle Marketing Director in the San Gabriel Valley. Dr. Letran is also the founder of The Emily Letran Foundation, dedicated to providing basic dental care to veterans and families of disadvantaged background in her monthly Free Dentistry Day.  The Foundation also provides scholarships for high performance coaching to help business owners from disadvantaged background get a jump start in growing and accelerating their businesses.

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