Season 1,

Episode 43: The Coaching Dentist

February 08, 2019

Heidi Mount is the President of Heidi Mount Coaching, a Virtual Consulting Company.  Her work with dental practices focuses on creating simple, effective and easy to follow solutions that result in less stress and greater profitability. As an international speaker, she is known for her engaging style and generosity with useful tips. In fact, her claim to fame is helping offices make $500 more a day on tomorrow’s schedule. As a result of her work, people often share that they have a big weight lifted off their shoulder, happier employees, more time doing the things they love to do, get out of debt and develop a better retirement plan. On a personal note, she appreciates gourmet food, scuba diving, and visiting tropical islands.




Contact info is



Lots on online resources available.


Grab 10 secrets to increasing revenue on tomorrow’s schedule at   (Singular dentist)


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